We encourage you to register when shopping at our website, howeverit is not required. Our registration form requires users to give us contactinformation (such as name, age range, mailing address, daytime telephonenumber, email address and password). You must be 13 years of age or older toregister. Registration helps us to provide you with a quick and simple checkoutexperience. The customer contact information you supply on the registrationform will be used to contact you concerning the status of an order or to answeryour questions. In addition, unless you choose to opt-out, it will be used tosend you email updates about upcoming sales, contests, promotions and productinformation. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for maintainingthe confidentiality of your registration information and password. If you wouldlike, you can also fill out a customer profile. While it is not required,information obtained from the customer profile questions helps us to learn moreabout our customers and is used to improve our customers' shopping experiencewith us.


We does not sell products for purchase by children.Customers mayuse an order form to purchase products. When you place an order, we collectcontact information, such as your shipping and email addresses, and financialinformation, such as your account or credit card numbers. Contact informationfrom the order form is used to send orders and information to our customers andto get in touch with them when necessary. Financial information is used to billthe customer for products. You also have the option of ordering products overthe telephone and you may choose to pay by check, credit card or money order.


We are committed to protecting your privacy. The information youprovide to us is not given or sold to any outside party except for the shippingcompany delivering your order. We only share your shipping address and phonenumber with the shipping company. The information we collect from you is usedonly to process and ship your order. Your email address is used only to provideyou with an order confirmation and tracking number. Your phone number is usedto contact you in case of a problem with the fulfillment or delivery of yourorder. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacypolicy we would like to know so we can address them. Please contact us here.