If you are not entirelysatisfied with your purchase, it is easy to exchange or refund. Simply followthe instructions, and submit a request for return/exchange in your order pageand we will try our best to meet your request.


Fast Refund:

Send the returned purchase inits original packaging with original label back to our return center. We willissue a refund to your original payment method within a week.


Returns &Exchanges Policy

-Purchase can be returned orexchanged within 30 days from the delivered date.

-Items must be unused,undamaged and in original packaging with original label.

-Buyer is responsible forreturn shipping cost. 

Items that do not meet thesecriteria will not be considered for return.

Purchase Not Eligible for Return

-Final sale item(s) is noteligible for return or exchange.

-You must email us apicture showing the problem/defect after submitting thereturn/exchange request online.

 Please allow 3 to 5business days for shipping, and an additional 3 to 5 business days processingyour returns.

We'll email you once we haveprocessed your refund or exchange.


Order Cancellation

Your order will be fullyrefunded if it's cancelled within 24 hours of purchase. Please submit a helpticket from Contact Us if you decide to cancel the order. For orders cancelledafter 24 hours of purchase but before shipment, a 15% cancellation fee isapplied. We will NOT accept order cancellation request if the order shavealready been shipped.