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The wind speed sensor is composed of a shell, three wind cups and a circuit module, which is made of aluminum alloy material.
The whole sensor has a high strength, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance, will be to ensure the long-term use of the instrument, and the accuracy of the wind speed collection.It is very suitable for outside measurement.
- Small size, aluminum alloy material, high strength.
– Exquisite appearance, high precision measurement
– Long signal transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability
– Low power consumption, Wide range, good data information
– Easy to installation , easy to carry
Pulse output type: PNP output
Sensor style: three cups
Voltage: 0-5V
Power supply: 12-24V
Measurement range: 0-30m/s or 0-60m/s
Resolution: 0.1M/S
Max. power: Pulse type MAX ≤ 200MW
Voltage MAX ≤ 300MW
Current MAX≤700MW
Start-up wind speed: 0.4~0.8M/S
Operating temperature: -40℃ ~80℃
Transmission distance: >1000 m

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1 x Wind Speed Sensor with 3 meters of cable
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