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FY2300 6MHz Arbitrary Waveform Dual Channel High Frequency Signal Generator 200MSa/s 100MHz Frequency Meter DDS
FY2300 series Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator is a multifunctional signal generator product integrating Function Signal Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Pulse Signal Generator, Noise Signal Generator, Counter and Frequency Meter with excellent cost performance. This instrument adopts large scale CMOS integrated circuit and high speed MCU microprocessor. The internal circuit uses SPXO as the basic standard to guarantee the stability of signals. Surface mounting technology improves interference immunity and operational life span.
This instrument has double channels can output 31 preseted DDS signals including Sine, Square, Triangle(Ramp), Rise Sawtooth, Fall Sawtooth, Lorenz Pulse, Multitone, Noise, Cardiogram, Trapezoidal Pulse, Sinc Pulse, Narrow Pulse, Gauss White Noise, AM, FM, Step and user-defined waveform. It can also output TTL electric level. Both channels are completely independent.
It has friendly human-machine mutual interface. 2.4 inch TFT Color LCD with 320×240 resolution can display all the parameters of both channels and current functions of all buttons . Shortcut keys simplify all complicated operations and save time. Users can be proficient after several minutes practice.
The advantages of this instrument in signal generating, waveform sweeping, parameter measurement and other fields, make it to be the ideal equipment for electronic engineers, laboratories, industry producing line, university, R&D institutes and so on.
I. Adopt DDS technology to generate accurate, stable signal with low distortion.
II. Portable design with top grade aluminum alloy shell. Use DC5V power adopter or 5V portable power for power supply.
III. 2.4 inch TFT Color LCD with 320×240 resolution can display all the parameters of both channels and current functions of all buttons .
IV. Frequency output of Sine wave can be up to 25MHz. 200MSa/s sampling rate. 12 bits vertical resolution.
V. Complete independent dual channels can work at same time  and phase difference is adjustable.VI. Following function allows users to synchronize all or partial parameters of CH2 to CH1.
VII. Two instruments or more can be synchronized by TTL_IO interface.
VIII. Various Waveform:
Rise Sawtooth
Fall Sawtooth
 Lorenz Pulse
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Trapezoidal Pulse
Sinc Pulse
Narrow Pulse
Gauss White Noise
Step Triangle
Positive Step
Inverse Step
Positive Exponent
Inverse Exponent
Positive Falling Exponent
Inverse Falling Exponent
Positive Logarithm
Inverse Logarithm
Positive Falling Logarithm
Inverse Falling Logarithm
Linear FM
Positive Half Wave
Negative Half Wave
Positive Half Wave   Rectification
Negative Half Wave Rectification
User-defined waveform
It has 16 positions for saving user-defined waveform. Waveform Length of each one is 2048 and vertical resolution is 12 bits.
1  High frequency precision up to 10-6 orders of magnitude.
2  Full range of 1μHz frequency resolution.
3  Minimum amplitude resolution can be up to 1 mV.
4  Duty cycle of each channel can be adjusted separately. Precision can be 0.1%.
5  Direct digital Setting covering full range of frequency without grading.
6 Sweep Function: It can sweep 4 properties of signals including frequency, amplitude, offset and duty cycle. It has Linear and Logarithm two sweep types. Sweep time can be up to 999.99S. Sweep starting point and end point can be set arbitrarily.
7 It has pulse train burst output function. There has Manual Trigger, internal CH2 Trigger, and External Trigger for your options. It can output 1~1048575 pulse trains.
8  -10V~+10V DC Offset function. Resolution 0.01V.
9  Digital signal output function can output any 0~10V CMOS electric level.
10 Save function: It can save 20 sets user-set parameters and can be loaded at anytime.
11 It can measure frequency, period, pulse width and duty cycle. Max. frequency workable is 100MHz and Min. frequency workable is 0.01 Hz.
12 Counter Function: It has 2 coupling measure modes including DC coupling and AC coupling. This design can solve inaccuracy problem of AC coupling.
13 All parameters can be calibrated by internal program.
14 Powerful arbitrary waveform edit function: Users can download arbitrary waveform to this instrument after edit through PC program which is included in user CD.
15 Powerful communicating function. All functions can be controlled by PC program and the communication protocol is open for secondary development.
16 Output short-circuit protection: All channels can work more than 60 seconds when the load is short-circuited.
17 Can choose our FYV2000 series or FPA1000 series power amplifier to output 20W~60W signal in DC-3MHz width without any distortion.

Package included:
1 x DDS Signal Generator
1 x DC 5V Power Adapter
1 x USB Cable
2 x Signal output cable
1 x CD(Contain the user manual and PC software)

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